Wrestling is a trending topic and I approve.

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CM Punk and Hayley Williams hugging.

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Sometimes I like to parody my friends’ snapchats.

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Imagine when Cody Rhodes has a kid. He’s going to be such a cute, creative father during play time.
He’ll paint his kid’s face and tell it stories about wrestling. And it’ll be so precious.

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Follow Phil asap!

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Heyman and Lesnar look like a teenager and a parent in WWE’s snapchat.
“Brock, I promise you can break someone’s arm next week.”
“No. You promised I could today.”

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What’s been going on in the past six months? Boom. That’s right. Off the market.
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Every time I lose a follower, I hope Brock Lesnar finds them and F5s them through a table.

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Body of a giant.
Voice of a prepubescent boy.
Brock Lesnar.

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